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Members Remembered

We remember friends and past members of Stanwick Bowls Club

Please contact the Club if you would like to add any comments or particular memories to the entries below


Bob O'Dell

d. 9 April 2023

Known by many in the local area, Bob was by profession an electrical contractor who did much for SBC by way of maintaining and replacing equipment in and around our clubhouse. When his health permitted, Bob was an enthusiastic outdoor player who, when presented with virtually any situation, always seemed to have an appropriate joke ready. 


Ray Marshall

d. 21 March 2023

A true stalwart of Stanwick Bowls Club, Ray was our former hard working greenkeeper who retired from that position in 2015. Ray also proudly served as Club President.


Mick Such

d. 6 March 2023

A former President and latterly committee member of our club. 

Mick was a skilled player of both the outdoor and indoor forms of the sport as his numerous entries on our honours boards will testify.

Michael "Mick" Rowe

b. 31 January 1938.    d. 22 December 2022

An extremely popular and sociable Club member. Mick will be remembered as a true gentleman who enjoyed both lawn bowls and the indoor game. Even when he wasn't playing, we all enjoyed his visits when he would often turn up with his little dog for a chat with friends.

Stuart Colin Desborough

b. 30 April 1948.    d. 20 December 2022


Alex Smith

b. 22 February 1944.    d. 8 February 2022

A highly skilled outdoor player and winner of numerous summer competitions. Everyone enjoyed playing with Alex, but not necessarily against him. Whenever you did so, the chances were that you'd be on the losing side.

George Hurley

b. 1 May 1929.    d. 15 October 2021

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